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Simple way to burn away what you don't want and Attract what you Do want into your life

Updated: Jan 1

Whether it's the end of a year or beginning of a new year, you can perform this simple act for a fresh start. We all have (things) habits, relationships, emotions, behaviors, situations, circumstances, etc., that we no longer want in our lives. How can we kickstart the process of letting go of what no longer serves us? It's actually a lot simpler than your mind can comprehend.

You can do this any time of year. You can also follow the cycles of the moon so it can be more powerful. This is also very potent in letting go of what's not wanted and helping to bring all positive things to fruition. Its highly recommended that you bring yourself to a centered and balanced (state of being) prior to beginning this process. I usually do this on New Year's Eve with family and friends at my firepit.


Here's a list of what is needed for this process.

  1. Blank papers

  2. Pen

  3. Fire pit or fire safe container to burn papers in

  4. Outside space for fire and smoke safety

  5. Fire extinguisher (just for safety)

  6. Lighter

You may be thinking, why a fire? Fire is a powerful way to burn and renew. The smoke also rises to the ethers making its way out to the Universe where all things are possible.

It's important to have clear intentions when going into this process. General assumptions will not work. Remember, the Universe needs clear understanding of what you truly want and don't want. The Universe always provides, but you have to be specific.

You can't dictate how you want everything to pan out. Having clear intentions of what you truly want doesn't mean you need to control every single move the Universe throws at you.

Have a clear intention but don't be attached to the process and journey of how that may look like. You can't manifest all the great things that are in store for you if you're holding on too tightly. The Universe needs space to move and flow in and out of your life, however that may look like.

The main process:

Start thinking of all the things you wish to let go of. Really think and feel how it affects you as a whole. Ask yourself if you are benefiting in any way from the negatives in your life. If you are oddly benefiting from the (things) behaviors, emotions, beliefs, relationships, ect., ask yourself how can you change that?

Wouldn't the benefits be greater with more positive aspects of what you want and intend with a positive mindset? I hope your answer will be yes!

Now, get paper and pen and write down in the form of a list with space in between each one.


  1. I let go of the need to be right all the time.

2. I let go of the belief that I'm not good enough.

3. I let go of all relationships that are not serving me for the highest good.

4. I let go of all self-sabotaging thoughts.

5. I let go of all ego driven behaviors.

6. I let go of the scarcity mindset.

7. Let go of unhealthy eating and the emotions that come with it.

You get the idea. You can make it as detailed as you like and have as much as you wish to get rid of. Really feel what is lingering within that you wish to release.

Now, either cut each individual sentence that you wish to release, or you can leave it as is but fold the paper in halves until it is very small.

Get a separate sheet of paper and list all the positive things you wish to bring into your life. (Remember to be specific.)


1. I call in optimal health and vitality

2. I invite more healthy loving relationships into my life.

3. I allow for more abundance to flow into my life in every positive way.

4. I embrace new journeys and experiences that bring me joy and overall wellness.

5. I allow to see myself as worthy of being happy and healthy.

6. I now embrace my mind, body and spirit to be in full alignment to my greatest potential.

7. I embrace financial freedom and abundance into my life.

If you find it hard to think of all positive things to welcome into your life, you can always refer to affirmations, mantras or prayers. Just make sure you don't include what you don't want into your sentences or phrases. Example: (I want inner peace without stress) or (I invite love into my life without heartache). These phrases imply a negative. You want to invite only positive statements.

Don't drag past pain, hurts, emotions or fears into the endless possibilities for your future.

Once, you have written all you want and don't want, set those aside. It's time to create a sacred and safe space for you to burn these papers.

You can create the space however you like. I like to incorporate music, drums, rattles, sage and Palo Santo, incense, etc.

You can be elaborate or simple. You can treat this as a ceremony for yourself. There is no religion attached to this, but you can surely incorporate any spiritual practice or religion along with it. Make it uniquely yours.

Intention is key to every aspect of this process. Mindfully write down your statements. Create a space for this to have great significance in your life. Remember, the universe gives back the energy we put into all things.

Once you have safely secured a space outside to burn these papers in a fire safe container or fire pit. Allow yourself to sit with the papers of what you wish to let go. Have gratitude for all you've learned while these things were in your life and say goodbye to them.

I like to recite each thing I'm letting go of out loud. It's good for your brain and nervous system to hear it out loud and see the statements burn away to the ethers. Once you've burned them completely. You can repeat your intentions and gratitude for each.

When you see fit. Repeat the process for all you wish to invite, embrace, and manifest into your life. Take your time and really have a positive mindset for this. Things may not magically change in your life overnight but if you make positive change a necessity, you will enter the process of creating and manifesting all you desire into your life. It does work!

Take time afterwards for reflection and contemplation. Really put the effort in not only attracting what you desire but becoming the person you really wish to be. What steps do you need to take for this to happen? Really step into the inner awareness that you may have sabotaging beliefs that may be getting in the way.

There are several ways to help transform sabotaging beliefs into positive ones. It's all in the subconscious mind. How can you make contact and change your mind for life?

Hypnotherapy, deep meditation, Shamanic journeying and trance therapy can help communicate and transform beliefs in the subconscious mind. These modalities help you go into different brain wave states that have direct communication with the inner mind.

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