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" Most people walk through the world in a trance of disempowerment. Our work is to transform that into a state of empowerment." 

- Dr. Milton H. Erickson-

Faded Sandpaper



I am a registered nurse and I was experiencing burn out. I wanted to deepen the relationship within myself and have a job I felt more purpose and aligned to. Sabrina helped me raise my confidence and embrace peace. I learned how to let go of fears and limiting beliefs. She also taught me techniques that helped empower who I am and bring more harmony into my life. I have moved forward in my career and embraced all my potential. I keep manifesting amazing changes into my life.  I have also attend her workshops and highly recommend her work.


I went to Sabrina to help me with my childhood trauma. I lived my life with resentment and fear. After the first session I felt better. But as I went for follow up sessions, the change in myself and emotions were amazing. I never knew just how much pain I was carrying inside. These sessions help me in so many ways. I now feel more love within and towards others. I have more understanding and compassion for myself and others. My kids feel more love from me and actually enjoy being with me again. I now hold more strength and forgiveness from my childhood. I feel like a new woman. Sabrina is amazing at what she does!

Billy Rae

I did a past life regression with Sabrina and it was AMAZING! The best part about it was that she records it for you, so you can revisit the session over and over. I have already gone back and listened to mine many times and I get something new from it every time. Sabrina is kind and knowledgeable. She makes you feel very comfortable.

I did a virtual session, and it was just as good as an in person session.

I highly recommend Sabrina. Take the leap and go for it!


Sabrina was a God sent gift for my 40th birthday! We did a group session.    Her energy, nurturing demeaner and insight are instrumental in creating a really positive and intentional environment for my friends and I. She is very skilled at guiding people through visualization and is able to meet each individual where they are at on their unique path. I would recommend her services to anyone looking to realign with their purpose and create positive energy and healing in their life!


I went to Sabrina for anxiety and stress. My anxiety got so bad that it was negatively affecting my health, career, family and relationships. I decided enough was enough. Sabrina helped me to understand where this was coming from and how to help shift it.

I had so many realizations and learned how to gain inner trust and transform all the baggage that was creating all my issues. I now feel lighter and more at peace. My health and relationships have improved.  I feel more motivated at work and actually look forward to new projects. I love how Sabrina is knowledgeable and helps you feel right at home. She is professional and kind. She truly wants the best for people!


Through our sessions, Sabrina empowered me to address deep-seated fears, negative thought patterns, and self-limiting beliefs that had hindered my personal growth. With her expert guidance, I was able to reframe my perspectives, replace self-doubt with self-assurance, and cultivate empowering beliefs that aligned with my authentic self. The transformations I experienced extended far beyond our sessions, permeating into all aspects of my life. I felt a renewed sense of purpose, increased self-confidence, and a greater capacity to navigate challenges with resilience and clarity.

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