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What to expect

   All sessions may be different depending on what I think is the best way to help you reach your goals.

There is no set time on what is needed for each individual as we are all different and may see results in their own time and pace. Navigating through your individual transformation can take time just as all those limiting and sabotaging beliefs have probably been with you since childhood disguised in other forms. I see the concept of this transformation sort of like an onion. Peeling the layers of our negative behaviors, sabotaging beliefs, limiting beliefs or dysfunctional cycles of living can take time to release or it can be a quick realization and transformation. Each individual can see results in their unique lives and integrating positive change.  

This is an example of an outline of how a typical hypnotherapy session may look like;

First Session- Foundation-  This session helps clarify your goal, helps bring into your awareness some barriers that may be in the way of reaching your goals, engage in processes that help condition your inner mind to help you go into hypnosis and prepare you for working in a hypnotic state. Starting the process of removing barriers.

Second Session-Removing barriers-  Clarify goal, Dive deeper into the hypnotic states to help remove barriers and transformations may be realized and achieved. More advanced hypnotic processes and tools may be used. Deeper self realizations and understanding.  Integrating and processing.


Third Session- Reinforcing Change- May Still be removing barriers, diving deeper into hypnotic states, engaging in deeper processes and tools for transformation and reinforcing the change. Activating inner resources, deeper realizations, understanding and reinforcing the shifts.

Subsequent sessions It may be necessary to schedule additional sessions as needed. Any tools and techniques will be used to help achieve your goals.

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