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This gratitude journal is unique in many ways. It is easy and very effective. This journal has pages to write in, along with many pages include meanings, affirmations, mindful exercises, techniques and tools to help you get in tune with yourself and the world around you in a more positive state of being.


This can help you navigate through life's stresses, anxious emotions or just emotions in general. This journal will help you to become more mindful and develop a healthy self-awareness. Self-care exercises are enjoyable and help you to get in touch with yourself and those around you. See, feel and sense the changes within you and all that encompasses your life when you use gratitude and mindfulness every day. Your thought patterns become more positive, and you may start attracting more positive outcomes into your life as an effect.

Gratitude is known to instantly change states of being into positive.

Use this journal as a daily practice. Gratitude will help the process of transforming emotions, perspectives and overall outlook of life. Gratitude has been known to help the autonomic body responses to stress. Creating a habit of daily gratitude will help shift your daily outlook and overall wellbeing.


For many years, Sabrina has used these techniques and exercises for her clients, and she sees the lifetime positive effect it has in their lives. Now it can bring positive change to yours.

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