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7 tips for relaxation

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Ever feel like you have a hard time relaxing or enjoying some peaceful moments without your mind interrupting with random thoughts?

The struggle is real. Mind chatter can drive you crazy, especially when your trying to relax or even go to sleep. These tips can be beneficial to your well being and kick start life changing experiences. Check out

“Why am I thinking about this right now? I should be relaxing.”

Here are 7 tips for relaxation

Tip 1- Find a quiet and uninterrupted spot. Whether your standing, sitting or laying down, you can train your mind and body to be in a relaxed state. It definitely helps when you find a spot for your tranquil moments. This helps establish the arena for relaxation to take place.

Tip 2- Music or No music? Try out both! Soft tranquil music can definitely set the mood to help put your mind and body at ease. No music can be the key to ultimately find that inner stillness that can be hard for many people to achieve.

Tip 3- Breathe. How's your breathing? Do you have shallow breaths? Have you ever made yourself aware of your breathing? Bringing awareness to your breathing will help slow the mind down, oxygenate the body and help create ripples of relaxation for yourself. Try slow inhalations through the nose and slower exhalations through your nose or mouth. Make each breath nice and easy.

Tip 4- Don't judge your thoughts. Random thoughts often come in and out of the mind. We can easily have an inner argument with ourselves and think "why am I thinking about this right now? I should be relaxing!" Its very common for this to happen. Try being easy on yourself. What if you can see your thoughts as if you were witnessing them and not judging how, when, why or what. See your thoughts and then picture them gently washing away as if carried by the ocean waves.

Tip 5- The more you practice relaxation, the easier it becomes. Just like anything we aren't used to, if you do it enough, you train the mind and body that relaxation is good for your overall well being. The defense response of the mind will soon develop trust in knowing that relaxation is a safe and essential part of your life.

Tip 6- Don't suppress your emotions. Emotions and thoughts that keep arising are usually the ones that have not been dealt with. Its very hard to establish relaxation if you have something that keeps pulling on your heart strings. Bringing more compassion to those emotions can help you understand why they are there in the first place. Once you are ready to transform those emotions, that are usually caused by underlying beliefs, your body and mind will know true peace and relaxation.

Tip 7- Transform beliefs, emotions and thought patterns in the subconscious level for positive lasting change! One of the best ways to transform negative beliefs and behaviors is through hypnosis. Hypnosis works in the core states of the conscious and subconscious mind. This transforms beliefs and emotions for lasting positive change. Hypnosis can help reach into the depths of the mind that often house limiting and sabotaging beliefs. How would life be if you could live in your fullest potential? What would that look like for you? Imagine being in a true relaxed state of bliss. Ultimately what the heart feels, the mind speaks. Your mind and body deserve peace and relaxation.

If your interested in making positive transformations for yourself, take that first step and contact me for more information.

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