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Choose your pricing plan

  • Weight Release Plan

    Target the cause of weight gain and release it for good.
    Valid for 9 months
    • 1-on-1 catered sessions.
    • Feel the difference with 1st session!
    • Build foundation, knowledge and realistic goals.
    • Remove barriers that sabotage weight loss.
    • Increase energy, motivation to empower optimal health.
    • Get to the core of emotional eating and negative behaviors.
    • Clear negative programing about body image.
    • Transform your mind and body at the root for lasting change.
    • Transform negative patterns and cycles for positive change.
    • Tap into your inner knowledge for proper balance & harmony.
    • Create lifelong change for mind, body and soul.
    • Create better circumstances and healthier habits
    • Gain confidence and mindfulness
    • Take control of your life
    • Includes recorded meditations.
    • Free gratitude journal.
  • Tobacco Cessation

    Tired of starting over? Break the habit for good.
    Valid for 6 months
    • 1-on-1 catered sessions.
    • Experience change within first session!
    • Get to the core of cause and effect of smoking.
    • Effective for cigarettes, vaping, chewing tobacco, smoking.
    • Transform patterns, cycles, beliefs and emotions at the root
    • Learn new strategies and self-awareness.
    • Create healthier habits and circumstances.
    • Regain overall wellness and clarity.
    • Tap into emotions and beliefs that trigger smoking.
    • Empower yourself and create lasting change
    • Empower and tune into inner knowledge.
    • Explore new opportunities.
    • Learn techiques and practice mindfulness
    • Learn to dive deeper into emotions without fear
    • Learn how to live happily without cigarettes and/or tobacco
    • Eliminate chewing tobacco.
    • Create healthier habits and lifestyle.
    • Priced for 6 sessions
    • Free recordings and meditation exercise
    • Free gratitude journal.
  • Past Life regression

    Access a past lives and connect with Higher Self.
    Valid for 3 months
    • 3 to 4 hours of past life regression
    • Access a past life or multiple lives
    • Understanding for things occurring in current life
    • Connection to past life and current life patterns and cycles
    • Release and heal Karmic energy and cycles
    • Undo soul ties and vows that may be holding you back
    • Heal past life traumas that may linger in current life
    • Understand your purpose in life
    • Release limiting thoughts and emotions
    • Resolve relationships that may be tied to past lives
    • Find out who your loved ones might have been in past lives
    • Dissolve fears of death
    • Connect with higher guidance and divinity
    • Tap into higher knowledge.
    • Tap into higher self and wellness.
    • Embody mind, body, spirit renewal.
    • Clear stagnant energies and emotions from this life and past
    • Gain understanding and forgiveness.
    • Embrace and access wholeness.
    • Free Audio recording of past life session
  • Relapse Hypnotherapy

    Intended for alcohol or drug habit breaking. 2 days Intensive. Custom 1-on-1 sessions
    Valid for 6 months
    • Relapse Prevention Intensive
    • Must have stopped using for 4 weeks or more.
    • This is not a detox program.
    • Intended to help get to the root of issue.
    • Transform to positive outcomes.
    • Custom unique sessions depending on what is needed.
    • Works within your belief system.
    • Two consecutive 8 or 9 hour days catered to your intention.
    • Includes follow-up future session.
    • Includes take home gratitude workbook journal.
    • Take home content and information techniques for everyday.
    • Includes Recorded meditations.
    • Additional custom recorded meditations.
    • Videos on tools and techniques for everyday use.
    • Includes Journal and pen.
    • Take home anxiety squishy happy ball.
    • Includes Hypnotherapy
    • Includes subconscious programming.
    • Includes Neurolinguistic programming.
    • Includes Breathwork
    • Includes Regression
    • Includes eye movement therapy
    • Includes hypnotic suggestions
    • Includes affirmation techniques.
    • Fast tapping techniques.
    • Breathing techniques and exercises.
    • Private Sound bath and healing
    • Optional energy and shamanic cleanse and REIKI healing.
    • Start the day at 9:00 A.M.
    • Appropriate breaks in between.
    • Lunch break 12:00 P.M.
    • End the day around 5:00P.M. - 6:00P.M.
    • Lunch is Not provided.
  • Pregnancy & Birth

    Pregnancy, Childbirth and beyond package
    Valid for 6 months
    • 1-on-1 catered sessions.
    • Catered plan for unique needs and experience.
    • Learn how to eliminate pain and discomfort with hypnosis.
    • Eliminate fears of pregnancy, birth and after birth.
    • Transform negative thinking for more positive outcomes.
    • Reduce stress and anxiety.
    • Enhance connection to baby.
    • Create a peaceful setting and environment for birthing.
    • Learn hypnotic techniques, dial down pain.
    • Enhance relationship with partner
    • Transform inner parental relationships
    • Increase tranquility and balance
    • Instill rest and relaxation
    • Instill natural healthy birth and recovery
    • Program your mind and body to naturally bounce back
    • Transform past traumas or loss
    • Restore natural rhythms of mind, body and soul
    • May include partner for labor plan and programming.
    • Learn self hypnosis for optimal birthing experience
    • Use methods and techniques for optimal pregnancy & delivery
    • Increase bond with baby and family
    • Includes hypnotic recordings for self hypnosis & programming
    • Best to start package in second trimester
    • Total of 6 sessions plus hypnotic recordings
    • Investment is a lifetime benefit for all
    • Free gratitude journal
    • Sessions can be used after birth as well.
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