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Chakra Balancing & Alignment

Align, recharge, balance and clear energy centers.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 165 US dollars
  • 8540c West State Road 84 Davie, FL 33324

Service Description

Chakras are energy centers in your body. Seven chakras run along the length of your spine and end at the top of your head. Each of these chakras is associated with a different color and a specific element. If your chakras are out of balance, they can cause difficulties with mood, focus, and overall health. There are also chakras in more parts of the body that may also suffer. The good news is that each chakra has a healing intention, meaning there are ways you can bring your chakras back into balance and feel better as a result. Each chakra has a different function and color, with each one being associated with a specific element and physical organ in the body. The basic idea behind the chakra system is that when your chakras are out of balance, it can lead to stress, anxiety, depression and dysfunction. Balancing chakras is the process of tending to these energy centers, so that you may feel more aligned, authentic, balanced and healthy. Chakras/ energy centers, source corresponds to your nervous system, and they are capable of revitalizing your body and restoring your spirit–and they’re all natural. During chakra healing, Sabrina uses various techniques such as Reiki, meditation, visualization, and energy work, crystals, smoke and sound instruments to help balance and align the chakras. Depending on what's needed at the time of session. Every session is different and unique. As every individual is unique, the needs may change depending on what's showing up. It is believed that when the chakras are balanced and energy flows freely through them, the body and mind can experience improved health and harmony. Different colors, sounds, and crystals are often associated with each chakra, and these may be used in healing practices to help stimulate and balance the energy within each chakra. Chakra testing is also done to see how and if improvement is happening. The client is the ultimate guide on how they feel. Additional follow up sessions as needed for balance and maintenance.

Cancellation Policy

Cancelations can be made no less than 24 hours of appointment time. Any cancelation made after the 24 hour mark will be charged the full cost of session. If you cancel a session 24 hours in advance you may be rescheduled a new appointment time. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Contact Details

  • 8540c West State Road 84, Davie, FL, USA


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